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  • ONYX Pro ERP helps in managing your business greater through its integration and automation. The system is able to handle all functions, multiple outlets in different activities simultaneously and this will help you to have a better understanding with a closer description of how your business operates from A-Z. This multilingual solution with real time reporting enables you to counter promptly to marketing circumstances where automatically, gives you a more prominent control over your business. ONYX Pro ERP solution has various supported mobile apps such as ONYX E-Commerce, ONYX P.O.S, ONYX Shopping and more, created solely for your business!



Integrated accounting and administrative solutions developed with MS SQL Server databases that accommodate financial and human resources management. Motakamel Plus adapts to the functions of specialized enterprise such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, archiving, transport and more.    


We Are Oficial Agent For Ultimate Solutions In Turkey

In corporation with Ultimate Solutions, We provide for our clients the best service including:

Meeting with our clients to understand their needs and problems

After processing our client's problems and needs to our experts, we provide them with the best solution for the System that fits their case

We also provide a trial version of the selected system and support our clients with sufficient training, so they can be sure that they are able to use and to get the best benefit from the system

In the next step, we work together with our client on implementing the new system, and we follow up with them until the project runs successfully

Even after we finish the implementation of the system, we stay beside our clients for maintenance service 

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