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The key to international trade success is finding the right market to sell to. Selling a product or service in a foreign market requires an understanding of culture, regulations, customer habits, and payment methods.
This service includes:
  • Step-by-step LEADS lead generation (which includes the option to directly communicate with clients until an agreement is reached).
  • Analyze client behavior and decision-making processes.
  • Delivering the right product to the right consumer.
  • Identify the quality and features required by customers.
  • Studying competitors in detail.
  • Identify the best distribution channel (distribution network).
  • Price optimization.
  • An evaluation of the general environment (economic, legal, political, technological, and social).
  • What packaging is necessary.


The studies will enable owners of projects to evaluate the probability of the success of their products and services in the market, will provide a comprehensive analysis of the competitors, will be valuable in helping owners identify risk factors and determine the most effective marketing strategy for their products and services, and will help owners determine the marketing requirements for the success of their project.

Our studies provide project owners with the legal information necessary to establish the project and move forward, as well as a detailed analysis of the most important factors that need to be considered for the project to be technically feasible and successful, regardless of the size of the project or its complexity, and we will present a detailed financial study along with indicators of the success of the project so that the investor can come to the right conclusion.


In order to satisfy the specific needs of each company, Future Reality plans and implements resource automation. ERP solutions are designed to provide flexibility, adaptability, and scalability for growth. ERP offers you the ability to manage customers, partners, and suppliers, and makes reporting easy.

Projects involving integrated automation:

  • For government institutions, organizations, factories, or private companies.

  • Automated solutions for real estate companies.

  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

  • Support systems for e-commerce.

  • Supply chains and inventory management systems.

  • Management systems for restaurants.

  • Parks and clubs management systems.

  • Management systems for hospitals.

  • Management systems for schools.

  • Hotel and tourist management systems.

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